Why Dogs Make Better Friends

Dogs make better friends than most humans because…

  • They have sweet stares and big eyes, that makes your heart melt – you wouldn’t want a human friend that dopey.
  • Dogs are 100% loyal and will protect you – you can’t say that about many friends.
  • When you’re feeling down, they don’t tell you all about their problems, they give you a slobbery kiss or plonk themselves on your lap for a comforting cuddle.
  • Dogs are givers not takers.
  • Stroking a dog is therapeutic – you wouldn’t be seen dead with a human friend that hairy!
  • They make getting up in a morning worthwhile, because you know that a lovely, excited greeting is waiting for you – you wouldn’t want a human friend to jump you in the same way.
  • Dogs give joy and love and press buttons in you that no human friend could ever do, without it being weird!
  • When you’re out with them you get to chat to lots of nice people, when you’re out with your friends you become a clique and nobody goes near.

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