What’s Your Favourite Gadget?

If you could only have two gadgets in your kichen, what must-haves would you pick?

Would it be your egg poacher, food processor or perhaps your pancake maker?


washboardMy first choice would be the washing machine. Washing by hand, especially if you have a family, is a daunting prospect. Kudos to all those women of past eras who did. I can’t think of anything worse than scrubbing mens-briefsmen’s underwear and snotty hankies, or their oily workwear. My wrists couldn’t cope with the wringing out and my nails would fall to bits in the hot soapy water.


cappuccinoMy second favourite gadget would be my cappuccino coffeemaker. When my husband bought me one last Christmas I thought, here we go again another useless gadget, but I can’t live without it now. I love the little Costa corner in my kitchen. I’m totally addicted.


What two gadgets would you choose and why?

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