Time to Say Goodbye

All my worldly goods are on their way to our new home in France and I am left alone to clean up our empty house as the echoes follow me from room to room. Not just echoes of sound due to the lack of furniture, but echoes of the past. Good times and hard times, but a family united and happy and stability for ten years.

I cannot believe how hard this transition has been, how emotional and scary. I’m the girl who gave up a good job at 18 and went travelling to Spain. I’m the girl who has had over 20 different homes and never batted an eyelid, but maybe that’s the issue right there. 20 homes in 40 years is not putting down roots, not having long term friendships, not belonging anywhere. So in the scheme of things, for me, ten years in this house is a long time and hence why I’m finding it so difficult to tear myself away.

I cannot get excited about our new adventure just yet, because I know I have to say goodbye to my children in a few days and that will be hard, we have been through so much together. But they have their own lives to lead now and are just starting out, whereas we are heading towards our twilight years and it’s time to get out of the rat race and enjoy the time we have left. Life has most definitely taught us that you don’t know what’s around the corner and to grab each day and make the most of it.

familywaving-imagerymajesticSo I’ve decided I’m not going to say au revoir to them, but à bientôt (see you soon) and I hope to build another nest, this time with a French accent, but still a loving home that might one day be filled with the pitter patter of new tiny feet, ones that come and go, but always welcome.


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Images courtesy of Poulsen Photo & Imagery Majestic/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Carol Fragale Brill says:

    Helena, a lovely, touching piece.
    Letting go can be hard, and it helps me to remember when we let ourselves feel the pain of change and let it go, we make room for something new to grow.
    all the best,

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