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terry-woganI’m not one for mooning over celebrities, but I’m saddened at the death of Sir Terry Wogan today. He was the epitome of a true gent. Each morning for most of my life, he would break me into the day with a smile and I missed him when he left the radio. Now he will never be back.

As the radio plays music to honour him and reads out messages from the general public, my thoughts turn to his family. Do they find comfort that everyone loved him or resentment that they have to share their grief with the rest of the world? He is their relative after all – the public didn’t know the real Terry Wogan like they did.

I hope they do find some comfort from his popularity, but from this my thoughts wander to celebrity life as a whole…

I’ve always been against the way much of society is celebrity led. Youngsters want to be rich and famous and the television is swamped with reality shows offering fame to just about anyone who is prepared to do crazy things. Nobody seems to take the time to actually think about what celebrity life is really like. If they did, I’d doubt they’d be in such a hurry to yearn for that way of life.

Granted there is the materialistic side of things. You can buy your designer clothing and flash cars and travel the world if that’s what you want, but wise people know that these things are not important in the scheme of things.

Fame and fortune has it’s price. Your life is often not your own. Your family are always at threat of kidnapping if you have a big public profile, or weirdo’s coming out of the woodwork accusing you of all kinds of things to make a quick buck. You cannot just walk to the shops or go out for a quiet family meal. You have to constantly worry about your appearance. So much pressure.

If you have money, you will attract lots of ‘hangers-on’ and will have many false friendships and if you are single, it will be hard to trust who really loves you for you, or who really loves your fame and fortune. As Olly Murs was quoted as having said – he was being approached by girls he knew would never have looked twice at him before he was famous. It must be hard and the lifestyle does not lend itself to forming relationships if you are on the road a lot either. There aren’t many distance partnerships that survive.

So what’s the answer? Be happy with what you’ve got and remember the old addage that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

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